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[VIDEO] From the Target retail buyer: What it really takes to get into big box retailers

Yesterday, I did a video interview with Tamara Monosoff. Many of you know her as the best-selling author of Mom Inventors Handbook. It was a fun video with great energy and meaty content. As you’ve come to expect from this blog, we don’t skimp on content. We don’t hold back information. We share it all. So along those lines, it is my honor to share this content with you. Enjoy!!

This video interview covers the buyer’s perspective on the following FAQs:

  • What makes a brand attractive to retail buyers?
  • How often is a large retailer placing new items in their stores?
  • When a buyer is considering a new item, what is their biggest concern?
  • What are the common mistakes made when approaching buyers?
  • How is a retail buyer’s performance measured?
  • What things will retailers want to see financially from vendors?
  • What elements of a brand’s story or founder’s background stand out when buyers are researching a brand?
  • Is it necessary to have a sales rep?
  • What are the different tiers of retail?
  • What does the ideal pitch package contain?

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