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From the Entrepreneur’s Perspective: How to continue the momentum AFTER your meeting with a buyer.

Four tips for continuing your dialogue with a buyer after a meeting.

  1. In the day or two following your meeting, send a thank you email or hand-written note card to the buyer thanking them for their time and interest. It shows your appreciation, indicates that you have continued interest in doing business with them, highlights your ability to follow up, and reminds them of your existence.
  2. If you have committed to following up with the buyer on any outstanding issues, get back to them as soon as you can. Show that you have follow through and can do so in a timely manner. It builds the buyer’s trust and confidence in you. In that email or note card (see #1 above), let the buyer know you will be in touch with that information.
  3. We send a newsletter to our buyers once per month. The newsletter contains information relevant to my buyers (i.e. Psi Bands press, sales tools, testimonials). It’s an opportunity to showcase to our buyers how we continually drive sales to their doors, and to remind them I am available should they wish to discuss anything with me (i.e. we are not bugging them!).
  4. In your meeting, you confirmed the buyer’s decision making timeline. As such, you know when to be following up. If you have not heard from the buyer on that date, email them and inquire as to the status of their decision. “Hi buyer xyz, I am coming to you today to see if you can share any updates with me about your decision to include my product xyz in your assortment. I look forward to your reply!” Short and sweet. Note: there is no reason to reach out to the buyer before their decision making date that they gave to you unless you are still in negotiations, owe the buyer more info, and/or are awaiting info from the buyer.

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