Tips for Retail Success

From the Entrepreneur’s Perspective: Does it pay to have a belly laugh? What does it have to do with running a business, you ask?!

RomylaughingFirst things first. Yes, that is me.

As entrepreneurs we are all selling something, a product or a service or both. Don’t you wish you could bottle up a good belly laugh and sell it? You’d get top dollar because a good guffaw makes everyone feel…well, AWESOME.

As entrepreneurs we are often entrenched in the day-to-day details of running our business. But, when we can not see the forest through the trees, we are missing the boat. We are missing the opportunity for more laughter because we are bogged down. We chose to become entrepreneurs so let’s choose to laugh more, too.

So, I am challenging you (and me) to start seeing the forest more often so we can unbottle that laughter. Following are some ideas for how to do so:

  1. Delegate more. Don’t make people guess or make assumptions about what you want or need. Be specific. If you are unclear, get clear (see strategy #2 below).
  2. Set aside some time on a regular basis (perhaps quarterly) to do some higher level planning. This can be both personal and professional planning. Take a day or a weekend by yourself and/or with your team to brainstorm. Come back with renewed inspiration, ideas, and a written plan that you can implement.
  3. Make personal time a priority and do it often. I am not advocating for you to dismiss your other responsibilities. You can carve out time for yourself by working smarter (i.e. do the other things on this list). Exercise, mediate, read a book, watch the sun rise or set, have lunch with a loved one or friend. Do something that makes you feel at ease.
  4. Complain less. When we complain, we are only seeing the negative. Turn the lemon into lemonade and go solve the problem. It takes less negative energy and time to move forward with solutions.
  5. Blame less. Do you want to be right or effective? Problem solve.

When one is not so overwhelmed and things are more in balance (and I didn’t say things are in balance, I said more in balance), there is an opportunity for more fun, harmony and smiles. And that’s where the belly laugh comes in. And isn’t that the point of being an entrepreneur (to create more balance and happiness)?

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