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From the Buyer’s Perspective: Do you recommend any books or resources to help us accelerate our retail growth?



If you have been following this blog, you know by now that Romy and I try to be all substance, no fluff. We don’t subscribe to the rah-rah. We preach realistic, practical, usable advice. We don’t sugar-coat things, we serve it straight up. So when I find another writer who is matter-of-fact and gives advice not easily found elsewhere, I take notice.

So when I read my advance copy of The Mom Inventors Handbook; How to Turn Your Great Idea Into the Next Big Thing (Expanded Second Edition) by award-winning inventor, Tamara Monosoff, I took notice. In her book, Tamara takes readers through the entire products business startup process – from the spark of a product idea, through market validation, funding, patent protection, finding suppliers and identifying manufacturing partners all the way to marketing and sales. Plus, she covers all the intricacies in between and the various scenarios that can unfold in the course of starting and growing a products business.

My favorite chapter was the “Making the Sale” which goes into incredible detail – and by that I mean step by step instructions – for how to take your product through the entire sales life cycle. For example, Tamara walks readers through the process of creating a sales plan including an example of what a sales plan looks like. It’s the stuff we cover in this blog, but explained in tiny digestible steps. It is explained in a way that is easy to read and keeps you engaged. And the best part is you don’t put the book down with that feeling of overwhelm and fear, but energized and inspired to action.i

The book is packed with tips, resource recommendations (including Buyerly*!), real life stories, and QR codes that link to a video archive of expert interviews and inventors who share how they did it. I found the diagrams to be a quick and easy visual way to bring her lessons to life. It reminds me of school text book diagrams, but in a good way!

The Mom Inventors Handbook (Second Edition) is available in stores and online wherever books are sold. If you buy your copy the first week of April, you will receive a complimentary digital copy of The Ultimate Product Launch Companion Workbook for Entrepreneurs as well as other valuable gifts. And, If you copy/paste your Amazon or receipt order # into this form, you will also be automatically entered into a drawing for a Kindle Fire HD. The winner will be announced on Friday, April 4th Midnight Eastern Time.  Check out to learn more.

*Full disclosure: Much to my surprise and delight, before Tamara and I had even met, she already included Buyerly in her book as a valuable resource for getting retailer feedback. You can find my expert interviews in her video archive available in the bonus material complimentary when you submit your receipt for The Mom Inventors Handbook (Second Edition).

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