From the Entrepreneur’s Perspective: My buyer asked for a media plan and calendar. What is that?

Your media plan is your marketing plan to drive business to the retailer’s stores. It includes specific marketing strategies and tactics – and timelines (the “calendar”). Your media plan may include past marketing highlights, but it should be heavily focused on what is coming up (what’s in it NOW for the buyer). Ideally the calendar covers a period of 6-12 months from your product’s proposed set date. Ideas for your media plan may include:

• In-store promotions – what in-store promotions are you committing to? If you don’t know what the store offers, ask. If you are able to commit to a program(s), list the one(s) you are committing to and the associated timeframe. For example, a $2 TPR (temporary price reduction) for the month of July 2013.

• Out-of-store marketing – “marketing” is a big umbrella so break it out for the buyer into bite-sized chunks: press in magazines, press on TV, press in social media, direct mail, accolades, promotions, whatever you have planned. And, if you are specifically tagging the retailer in any/all of this, CALL IT OUT for them. Include visuals, too, where appropriate. i.e. if you have a direct mail postcard that you are sending out, provide the buyer with a visual (an image within the plan is fine).

• Past highlights – I always include a small section of past marketing highlights in my media plan. It reminds the buyer of what we have already accomplished so they know that we are always actively pursuing opportunities and of our successes.

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