From the Entrepreneur’s Perspective: My product is a game changer and unlike anything currently on the market. What can I do to make sure a retailer “gets it”?

Most products are not game changers. We would like to think they are (wink) but it’s very rare when a product is truly unique. It might very well be a better mouse trap though! So, why should a retailer bother with getting a new vendor on board when it means more work for them? Because they don’t want be left in the dust with the same ol, same ol. Retailers are looking to freshen up their shelves, provide current/modern options when they are indeed better quality and/or innovative, and they don’t want their competition having a “one up” on them (if the product is driving customers to the store, then the retailer who does not stock your product is missing a sales opportunity).

To make sure your retailer “gets it”, be clear about the following:
1. how your product(s) is unique – its features and benefits and how it compares to their current offerings;
2. your product offering – too many options is confusing. Be specific and strategic about the product(s) you are offering and WHY.
3. how you will support their sales – inside promotions as well as overall marketing plan (as well as educate consumers on this game changer which usually comes with a learning curve);
4. share your movement rate at other retailers – this helps on two fronts, both of which show the retailer that their risk is lessened by taking you on as a vendor: 1) you are already a vendor at similar retailers so you have the experience and bandwidth to efficiently and reliably handle their business (i.e. you have systems in place to handle manufacturing, fulfillment, marketing, customer service); 2) you have proven sales figures.

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