The Joys of Networking – Recap of Spark & Hustle 2013 San Francisco

Romy and I had the distinct pleasure of attending and presenting at Tory Johnson’s Spark & Hustle in San Francisco in mid-April. It was an action-filled two days of meeting incredible women entrepreneurs, identifying new ways of increasing profitability, and staying motivated to achieve our visions. Romy and I lead a roundtable discussion with about 24 product entrepreneurs about grooming your business for big box retailers.

I’d be remiss if I failed to mention the FUN and FESTIVE dinner we had after Day 1 at a delicious Italian restaurant in South San Francisco. And it was an impressive group too!  We had founders of Psi Bands, Aqueduck, Babee Covee, Push Pack, Cycle Aware, Nizo Wear…what a remarkable group of ladies (and one man)!

The point of this post is not only to rub in everyone’s faces the fun we had, but also remind our readers of the importance of networking. It’s hard to pull yourself away from your office for a few days but I’m willing to bet that the times you have done so before have always been richly rewarded.  In case you need a nudge to sign up for your next networking event, take a look at the photos below and rekindle that energized feeling you get when you’re out networking and exchanging great ideas. You can certainly see how “energized” we were!  Wine is good like that.

Romy and I will be back out there getting to know other entrepreneurs at Rock the World NYC on May 8-9.  We hope to see you there!

Group dinner – Romy and Vanessa front and center!


And here is us after Day 2 posing for the cameras with Tory Johnson!

Vanessa, Tory, Romy

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