From the Entrepreneur’s Perspective: How do I get an endcap or sidecap in a store?

We have never had one at a national retailer, so I can not speak from personal experience. They are super expensive, your product(s) needs national distribution at that retailer to qualify, and/or the buyer must agree that the space is best allotted for your product(s). These are prime retail real-estate sections and the buyer is going to take the highest bidder. That usually rules out the entrepreneur due to budgetary reasons and/or a limited product line.

Regional retailers and/or specialty stores are usually more flexible so getting your product on an endcap or sidecap is more do-able (keeping in mind that your product will almost always need a permanent home within the POG/planogram before your product will be considered for the end/side cap limelight because your buyer needs to know that your product will sell well). They might bundle your product with others. Pitch the buyer and make a suggestion (i.e. you have a mom/baby product and know that your retailer is planning a mom/baby event during the month of May so you suggest that your product be placed on the end or side cap for that month. Offer to support that merchandising placement with a temporary price reduction, BOGO, or some other value based proposition).

And, stay tuned for Vanessa’s post so we can hear from the buyer’s perspective…


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