From the Entrepreneur’s Perspective: Which is most important to a buyer – customer service, inventory management, or product?

I am not a buyer, but I am sure any buyer would say they are all important. No buyer wants poor selling product, delayed inventory and/or to deal with someone who is unprofessional, unresponsive and/or just plane irritating.

So, as a vendor, we better provide it all.

Be friendly and responsive, and the buyer will likely reciprocate. You are far more likely to have their ear when you need/want it if you are someone the buyer likes to do business with. We are all humans, after all, and we prefer to be around people we like.

If you do not provide on-time delivery of your product, you are going to give the buyer a headache. When shelves sit empty, the retailer is losing money. The buyer is evaluated based on many criteria, including how much revenue he/she contributed to his/her category. You don’t want the buyer popping Advil at your expense.

If you provide the retailer with quality product, then you are driving sales and maintaining a good image – on your company’s and the retailer’s behalf. If you provide poor selling product (due to poor packaging, defective merchandise, wrong price point, and/or not enough marketing), you risk losing their business.

Be a good retailer partner. Provide it all.

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