From the Entrepreneur’s Perspective: Packaging tips to move product off the shelves

You have a great product. Now how do you get it to move off the shelves from a packaging standpoint?

  1. Hire a graphic designer who specializes in product packaging so that the colors, fonts, and images selected reflect the message you want to send and the consumer you wish to attract. This is an art and a science and you want to hire someone experienced.
  2. Get feedback from consumers and retailers. Major consumer product companies spend a boatload of money on selecting just the “right” packaging. They hire focus groups to give them feedback. You may not have the money to hire a focus group, but there are online survey companies like Survey Monkey where you can get timely results on some pivotal questions. Of course, there is a science to asking the “right questions” too. You don’t want to lead the answer you are seeking. You want to obtain objective information. While asking your friends and relatives what they think can prove to be beneficial, it can also backfire because they may be leaving out some critical advice because they do not want to hurt your feelings. Go get objective feedback from retailers and consumers with whom you wish to sell to – and who will give it to you “straight up”.
  3. Do your research on the competition and the category that you will be selling into. What seems to be working and not working in the category? You want your packaging to draw attention, but not be an eye sore. Make sure the packaging will fit on the store shelves. How will it be displayed? Can it stand on its own? Can you clip/peg it? Will it survive on the store shelf without breaking or bending?
  4. Tell me your story in 2 seconds. That’s how long the consumer will give your product before they focus their attention on the next product. So, tell your story in a few key words or images that immediately convey your product’s unique selling points. Get the consumer to pick up your product – so you then have more time to tell a fuller story. See what MSN has to say on this: Every Business Has a Story to Tell (a great read). 
  5. What’s in a name? Sometimes everything. A name can make or break a product. Can the consumer spell, pronounce, and remember your product name? Read here for some great naming advice (both success stories and some doozies) by Alexandra Watkins at Eat My Words.

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